Eatable insects

Food enough for everyone
As the number of people in Denmark as well as the rest of the world is rising, the need for more food rises as well. Eatable insects can be an efficient way to produce this extra high quality food which will be needed. As an example you can produce 4,5kg mealworms from only 10kg feed, but only 2,5kg pork and as little as 1,1kg beef.

Healthy eating
At the same time insects contain many healthy fatty acids, as well as proteins which can become important part of the food, especially for young people growing, elderly people and weakened individuals with special needs for extra protein. Without a doubt insects in the food and in snacks can add extra high quality proteins to the intake for athletes in a fine manner. Eatable insects also contain a lot of good fibers which have many possitive effects on digestion, the immune system and nutrition intake.

Food safety
It’s safe to eat insects. Eatable insects don`t carry dangerous diseases as far as we know, contrary to birds and pigs from where we have seen the flu. However, it is assumed, that people allergic to shellfish can be sensitive towards insects.

Producing proteins by rearing mealworms is a very resource-efficient and sustainable way. Mealworms are very efficient to transform residues into high quality protein, and at the same time they emerge much less CO2than as an example pigs and 100 times les CO22than cattle.
Lars-Henrik Lau Heckmann Teknologisk Institut

Eatable insects, trend and habit
In the past it was garlic, snails or sushi, which was regarded as foreign or new. It took a while before people got used to it and invited it in as interesting new foods/delicacy and after some time it’s regular eaten alongside with order known foods. Without a doubt it will be the same with the eatable insects.

Good for you and the environment
Widely used in cooking. Your fantacy is the limit. E.g. In all baking goods, bread rolls, bread, crispbread, cake, cookies, pizza.

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