Cookie- and privacy policy

Data is collectet when you visit our website, it´s used to enhance the content and increase the value of our adverticements which are shown on the site. If you don´t wish we collect these data,you should delete you cookies(see the guide)and ommit the use of our site. Below we have described, which data are collected, why and wich third parts will have acces to them.

The website uses ”cookies”, which are  tekstfiles on the computer, mobil or alike, to recognize it, remember  settings, perform statistics and targeted advertizing. Cookies can´t carry dangerous codes or e.g. a virus.

It´s possible to delete or block cookies. See guide:

If you delete or block for cookies, advertisement shown to you may become less relevant and appear more often. You may risk, too, that the website will malfunktion and some info may be out of your reach. use pixels from the following  3. parts which may place a cookie in your browser:

• Google analytics script (collects data about you and how you use the website)
• Google Ads remarketing-pixel (shows you relevant advertisement after you visited the website)
• Facebook pixel (shows you advetisements on Facebook after you have visitet over website)

News letter
When you sign up for our news letter you accept that we send you emails, and use your email to target advertisements on platforms like Google Ads og Facebook.

You can always undiscribe the news letter in the footer of all the mails we sende you. If you undiscribe we stop using your email as targeted advertising.

In general
Personal data are all info which in some way can attribute to you. When you use our website we catch and analyse these types of info. It happens as an example when you use content like sign in on the news letter, enters a competition or a survey, register yourself as user or abonnent, other use of services or make a purchase  via the website.

We collect : Unique ID and tecnical data about your computer, your tablet or cell phone, your IP-number, geografical placement, as well as which sites you surf (interests). To the extent you allow  eksplicit concent and you yourself enters info: Name, telefone nummer, e-mail, adress an paymentdetails will be analysed. Often as you create a login or place an order. 

We preparred this website tecnically and organisatorilly  agains, that your data accidentally or illegally can be deleted, shared officially, lost, deteriorated or be shared with unauthorized people, misused or otherwise be handled agains the law.

The data is used to enhance the chances that you get the advertisements that have the most relevance for you, to registre your orders and payments, and to be able to deliver the services you have enquired, as an example the newsletter. Furthermore we use the data to optimise our services and content.

Period of storage
Data is kept in the period which is correct according to the present law. We delete the data when they are no longer needed. The period is related to the carakter ofthe data and the reason for the storage. That´s why its not possible to state a general time limit for when the data is deleted.

Videregivelse af oplysninger
Data om din brug af websitet, hvilke annoncer, du modtager og evt. klikker på, geografisk placering, køn og alderssegment m.v. videregives til tredjeparter i det omfang disse oplysninger er kendt. Du kan se hvilke tredjeparter, der er tale om, i afsnittet om ”Cookies” ovenfor. Oplysningerne anvendes til målretning af annoncering.

Vi benytter herudover en række tredjeparter til opbevaring og behandling af data. Disse behandler udelukkende oplysninger på vores vegne og må ikke anvende dem til egne formål.

Videregivelse af personoplysninger som navn og e-mail m.v. vil kun ske, hvis du giver samtykke til det. Vi anvender kun databehandlere i EU eller i lande, der kan give dine oplysninger en tilstrækkelig beskyttelse.

Indsigt og klager
Du har ret til at få oplyst, hvilke personoplysninger, vi behandler om dig. Du kan desuden til enhver tid gøre indsigelse mod, at oplysninger anvendes. Du kan også tilbagekalde dit samtykke til, at der bliver behandlet oplysninger om dig. Hvis de oplysninger, der behandles om dig, er forkerte har du ret til at de bliver rettet eller slettet. Henvendelse herom kan ske til: Hvis du vil klage over vores behandling af dine personoplysninger, har du også mulighed for at tage kontakt til Datatilsynet.

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