About us at Heimdal Entofarm

Heimdal Entofarm was founded by  farm owner Dorte Svenstrup on the idea of farming sustainable farm products, which are healthy for people and animals as well as taking care of the environment. More than once Dortes attention was catched by a quite different kind of farm animal: the insect. 

After giving it some consideration she chose the normal yellow mealworm or in latin: Tenebrio Molitor.

At the end of lots and lots of experiments testing different feeds, tempratures, humidities and other parameters which influences the reproduction, the growth and the content af the end product, we became experts at precenting a uniform and scalable production process and output.

There are a lot of different chores to be taken care of, when you bring on such a new and unknown product, as an exciting and indispensable food/feed.

 That makes it no less than fantastic, that we are a complex and still very well functioning team.

Dorte Svenstrup
General Manager

Our great  feed master Claus is our overall caretaker of everything in the working mealworm production barns. . Børge is our produktion developer, he also takes care of most of the FRASS-handling. Dorte takes care of the food product development and production, the webshop and the bookkeeping. 

Jan, Elsebeth and Ditte are investors in Heimdal Entofarm, and Jan system and process optimizer as well as project manager. Knud is member of the board and overall handles the budgets.

We are so lucky that a lot of freinds burn for the future sustainable foods, too, so we have a number of people giving a helping hand now and again, just because they want to. That’s really fantastic, and it’s powerfull the lift in droves.

In Heimdal Entofarm we wish to create jobs which are meaningfull, secure, mindfull, sporty, and contains a solid belief in a green and happier future.

We are proud of our in all ways healthy and sustainable products. We wish to make it clear to the consumers and the population as a whole, how big a gain it is for the individual person and for mother earth itself, wheb we bring insects into our food on a dayly basis. 

From the left: Knud Møller, Børge Olsen, Søren Pasgaard, Claus Lauridsen, Elsebeth Vium, Ditte Vium and Jan Vium.

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